Numerous Class 1 railroads and short track railways serve North Louisiana providing businesses access to markets across the nation.

North Louisiana's Railroad System Offers Logistical Advantages

North Louisiana is served by three Class 1 railways, Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, along with three short line railroads. Multiple industrial sites throughout North Louisiana offer spurs and access to rail service.

Three Class 1 Railroads Serve North Louisiana

  • Union Pacific Railroad (UP) is the largest Class 1 railroad in the North America, covering 23 states across the U.S. It serves all major gateways to Mexico and interchanges traffic with Canadian rail systems. 
  • Kansas City Southern (KCS) is a Class 1 railroad that operates 3,100 miles of rail line in ten central and southeastern states and offers rail service between the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Burlington North Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) is a Class 1 railway, headquartered in Forth Worth, Texas. BNSF operates in Caddo Parish, Louisiana and utilizes UP tracks from Logansport, LA through Shreveport, LA to Texarkana, AR. 

Short-Line Railroads Provide Additional Connections

  • Louisiana and North West Railroad (LNW), owned by Patriot Rail, Corp, is a short-line road operating 62.6 miles line from McNeil, Arkansas to Gibsland, Louisiana. L&NW recently built a 40 acre industrial park and transloading facility  located near Interstate 20.
  • Louisiana Southern Railroad (LAS), owned by Watco Companies, operates 157 miles of track, running from Shreveport, LA to Sibley, LA. The southern branch runs from Gibsland to Pineville Junction, LA. LAS interchanges with KCS at Gibsland, Sibley and Pineville, LA.
  • Arkansas & Louisiana Mississippi Railroad (ALM) operates freight service from Crossett, AR to Monroe, LA (53 miles). ALM connects with KCS at Monroe, LA and Franklin and Pittsburg Railroad at Crossett, AR.