Natchitoches Smart Site

Natchitoches Smart Site: North Port Tract

The Natchitoches Parish Port's North Port Tract is a 360 acre certified site owned by the Natchitoches Parish Port Commission. Certified by both the LED Certified Sites Program and McCallum Sweeney Consulting, this shovel ready industrial and commercial site is part of Central Louisiana Electric Company’s (CLECO) SmartSites program.

Located at Natchitoches Port along the Red River in Natchitoches Parish, this certified property fronts Louisiana Highway 486 and U. S. Highway 71. Businesses located at the Port can access Class 1 Rail, Kansas City Southern Railroad. The Natchitoches Port's North Port Tract can be easily subdivided and is available for lease.

Natchitoches North Tract Features Multimodal Access

With the port’s dock facilities being readily accessible, the property is a true multimodal site.

  • This site is currently zoned 1-2, Heavy Industrial.
  • The utility infrastructure has been mapped.
  • In 2008, the Port had a wood basket study performed by the LSU Ag Center and determined there were over 2.1 million tons of renewable woody biomass available on an annual basis within 75 miles of the site.

Incentives Available for Businesses to Relocate

In addition to incentives offered to qualifying companies through Louisiana Economic Development, the Natchitoches Port can access funding through Louisiana's Port Construction and Development Priority Program, if the company can move product by water. The Port can also tap funds from the Red River Waterway Commission to build additional infrastructure. Assistance is available to obtain funds and incentives from other state and federal sources.


MultiModal Transportation Options


  • Located in the Natchitoche Port along the Red River
  • Over 3,000 feet of frontage on Louisiana Highway 486
  • Over 4,000 feet of frontage on U. S. Highway 71
  • 1 mile from Louisiana Highway 6
  • 10 miles from U. S. Interstate 49
  • 7 mile from Natchitoches Regional Airport
  • 60 miles from Alexandria International Airport
  • 75 miles from Shreveport Regional Airport



  • Over 4,000 feet of frontage on Kansas City Southern Railroad



  • Located at the Natchitoches Port with many amenities
    • 62,000 square foot transit shed
    • 12,000 square foot concrete dock on the river with load capacity to accommodate a 150- ton crane
    • General Cargo Dock - 320 foot length
    • Wood Chip Loading Facility


Natchitoches Smart Site Offers All Utilities

  • Electricity Supplier: CLECO
  • Natural Gas Supplier: Crosstex/LIG (Onsite)
  • Water Supplier: City of Natchitoches (Onsite)
  • Sewer Supplier: Individual System
  • Telecom Supplier: AT&T and CP-TEL
  • Fiber Optic Network: AT&T and CP-TEL

For More Info

Robert Breedlove, 
Executive Director
Natchitoches Parish Port Commission
Phone: (318) 356-9686 
Fax: (318) 354-2622

Certified Site

This site was certified as project ready by the LED Certified Sites Program and by McCallum Sweeney Consulting as part of CLECO's SmartSites program in November of 2011. 
In order to obtain this certification the port had numerous studies and investigations performed including a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Wetlands Delineation, Endangered and Threatened Species Study, Archeological and Historical Investigation and a Geotechnical Study among others.