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Lime Enterprises, LLC

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Hospitality Intern
Responsibilities Hospitality Intern will provide a range of Hospitality management services, Maintain good personal and working relationships with our colleagues. Acts as primary liaison between the managing agents/ landlord, contractors , customer services and reservation colleagues with regard to the preparation, servicing and maintenance of the units for the residents on arrival and after move-in, and assist with handling all customer service related issues. •Follow-up on reservations •Follow-up on phone calls on reservation •Assist with planning Lime Events •Assist with Sponsorship •Solid project management skills •Solid communication skills to interact with team •Strong problem solving skills •Ability to work well in teams •Intermediate expertise with Microsoft Office Suite products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) •Ability to work independently and under tight deadlines •Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written •Other tasks will be assigned
Bossier City