Growing Internships to Keep More Local Talent Local

On March 2, the North Louisiana Economic Partnership and the LINCC program of the Community Foundation of North Louisiana hosted a workshop for employers titled “Building an Internship Program as a Recruitment Tool,” and the NLEP will host this same event in Monroe April 26 (click here for registration).
In 2016, the NLEP launched an online internship database for North Louisiana called The interNET with the goals of increasing the number of internships offered in North Louisiana and the number of students completing internships.  Increasing student awareness of North Louisiana companies offering great career options will help keep more of them here after graduation, and allowing employers to assess possible future employees through internships is a great way to see if they are a good fit for the employer without as much risk or expense.  Exposing more students to the world of work, at both the high school and colleges levels, is the third leg of the stool.  It gives them that ever-important work experience to add to their resumes upon graduation.

Offering internships already?

We encourage you to post them on The interNET (it’s free and we will do the marketing).  Simply click here to post your internship today.

Considering starting an internship but you have lots of questions? Or maybe your company already has an internship program but you think it could be better?

Register for the upcoming Internship Workshop April 26 in Monroe.  Click here to register.
And if you know someone looking for an internship in North Louisiana, point them to The interNET!