Introduction Letter

Welcome to the First Edition of the North Louisiana Workforce Report

We want to take a minute to explain why we are launching this report. 

The goal of the NLEP Top Skills Workforce Development and Talent Recruitment Program is to ensure a strong pipeline of talent to support current and future employers. There are many entities involved in the development of our workforce pipeline: K-12 education, technical and community colleges, universities, workforce development professionals, and non-profits offering skills and career prep services. We consider all of them partners! The best role for NLEP, the regional economic development organization in this process, is to facilitate industry-education alignment and to connect employers with the right workers. 

The outward looking role NLEP plays in talent recruitment is to serve as an active partner for employers who must attract talent from outside the region, if the current workforce does not have depth in a critical skill set. We help employers demonstrate that North Louisiana is a wonderful place to work, live and play.

The North Louisiana Workforce Report is one tool we have developed to focus on our regional workforce pipeline. The Workforce Report highlights industry demands and trends, profiles training opportunities to meet that demand, and shares best practices in industry-education alignment happening around North Louisiana with regional stakeholders. We all have a part to play in our region’s workforce development, whether as parents, teachers, mentors, funders, workforce development professionals or workers.

You are receiving this report as a NLEP stakeholder. To share it with someone that may be interested, simply forward this email and they can click the button below to sign up. 


Angie White, CEcD
Sr. Vice President, Workforce Strategy